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Review your order here, you can change quantities or delete products, if you wish to return to shopping, click on "Online Shop" on the top bar navigation.  Remember that some items are by weight and some are by units (such as roasts and cow packages).

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Verify where what state we are shipping to for more accurate pricing (may differ in checkout) by clicking "Calculate shipping".  Once you have chosen your state, you can also choose local pickup as well if you live in the Central Ohio Area.  This would include local delivery (small fee payable on delivery may apply).  Apply any coupon codes as well at this time.
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If your order looks correct and you have verified where it is to be shipped, it's time to checkout.  Click on "Proceed to Checkout" or you can direct pay with Paypal account with "check out with Paypal" or "Paypal Credit" if you don't have a paypal account.

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